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Try to use the latest Omaze Scarlett Mugs. It has eye-catching Black Widow Coming To Disney Plus graphics, and its appearance is real and reliable. Wherever you use this cup, it will help you stand out.

  • Material description: ceramic
  • Product performance: The mouth of this color cup is round and smooth, and the coating is even. The bottom of the cup is smooth and bright, and the classic arc-shaped cup handle is finely welded and does not scratch your hands. The cup body curve is smooth, the coating is firm and does not fade, and the printed image is transparent and bright. High temperature resistance, also suitable for microwave ovens.
  • Applicable scenarios: Suitable for homes, offices, and various restaurants. It is not only practical, but also embellishment. It is also a good choice to give to others as a gift.
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  • Theme: Black Widow Johansson